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How to Get Your Most Beautiful Skin Ever

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If you have ever struggled with skin issues, or are concerned about aging we'll cover simple things you can do to change all of that. First, and most importantly, we would like to encourage you to go natural!  Doing so is essential to achieving naturally beautiful skin.  With that said, let's get to it...

Last time we covered how natural products can in fact improve your skin and your health. This is so important since up to 60% of what we put on our skin can be absorbed into our body.  I cannot stress enough that we need to feed our skin in the same way that we feed our bodies. If you missed it, you can check it out HERE>> > NATURAL PRODUCTS THAT WILL IMPROVE YOUR SKIN AND YOUR HEALTH 

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REGULAR EXERCISE - Increases circulation and blood flow to the skin helping to oxygenate and rejuvenate the complexion.  Sweating helps to flush pores and soften sebum thereby purging the skin of toxins and built up debris.

STRESS REDUCTION - Assists in reducing stress hormones that can contribute to breakouts and trigger flareups of conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

STAYING HYDRATED - This is a great one because it's so easy to do.  As you know staying hydrated is really so important, and in the case of our skin, it's essential to allow the skin to function optimally. When the skin functions optimally, it looks fresh and younger and many skin conditions are alleviated.  Add some fresh FRUIT, BERRIES or MINT to your water to make it more appealing.

BE THOROUGH BUT GENTLE - A thorough skin care program is fundamental to encouraging your best skin.  Be kind to your skin, definitely exfoliate but with a gentle touch that way your skin will be refreshed and renewed rather than trying to recover.  A good skin care program should include the following steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone 
  3. Moisturize 
  4. Exfoliate 
  5. Deep Clean & Infuse 
  6. Treat & Correct 


    Have a look at our ESSENTIAL STEPS TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN for more information on each of the steps.  Along with the lifestyle recommendations we mentioned above, these steps will have your skin looking better than ever in no time!

      THE RIGHT PRODUCTS - Choosing the right products for your skin type and concerns will go a long way in helping achieve a beautiful healthy glow.  We'll explore this further in our next blog post.  In the meantime, we are always available to answer any question you may have and help you choose products that are perfect for your skin.  Send us a note anytime >>> or call 1-888-809-9197 and we would be happy to help you.



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      On our next blog post, we’ll share valuable advice and easy to follow steps on how to:  Save Now and Get the Skin You Have Always Wanted.

      Until then, please let us know if this blog post was helpful and if there is any other information or topic that is of interest to you.

      As always, we thank you and so will your skin.

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