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Essential Steps to Naturally Beautiful Skin

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SATTVA PURE products are formulated with natural, luxurious ingredients that nourish and regenerate skin providing optimal skin hydration, balance and vitality.



Wash away surface impurities along with excess oil and makeup leaving your skin clean, fresh and comfortable.

2.  TONE / BALANCE {Hydrating Mist}

Deliver a burst of refreshing hydration with our toning mists. These refreshing spray toners are enriched with botanical ingredients to soothe, protect and balance your skin. 


Hydrate and nourish your skin with moisturizers developed to target the specific needs of each skin type. Enriched with naturally potent ingredients for improved tone, radiance and skin health.


Enhance the effectiveness of your daily 3-Step Skin Care System with regular use of radiance-boosters:


4.  EXFOLIATE {Scrub}

Slough off dead skin cells revealing smooth and radiant skin.  Skin is prepared to absorb and utilize the benefits of each product used thereafter.

5.  TREAT & CORRECT {Serum / Face Oil}

Achieve noticeable results in minimal time with our powerful serums and nourishing face oils that deliver a concentrated boost of potent natural ingredients.

6.  DEEP CLEAN & INFUSE {Masque}

Deep clean, purify and tone skin.  Regular use will renew the skin’s appearance by gently drawing out impurities that can lead to dullness for a bright and clear complexion.