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Customizing Your Facial Exfoliant

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Exfoliating is an essential step in your skincare routine; done once or twice a week, exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps to prevent clogged pores. It also allows your natural skin oils (sebum) to reach the surface (think natural moisturizer) rather than being trapped underneath and forming acne. It truly is the key to clear skin and a brighter complexion.

Our Strawberry Detox Exfoliant is made with finely ground rice, colloidal oats, and arrowroot powder to physically exfoliate your skin without causing irritation. Organic strawberries, high in natural salicylic acid, have mild exfoliating properties and really work well for increasing cell turnover. These fruit acids also dissolve blackheads and give the skin a fresher, more toned appearance.

To start, we typically recommend mixing a half teaspoon of our Strawberry Detox Exfoliant with a few drops of water before applying. You may also like to try these creative ways to boost the effectiveness of your exfoliant:

A Spritz or Two of Hydrating Mist

Our Hydrating Mists make a great substitute for water. They’re formulated with hydrating natural hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe, and exotic plant botanicals like cassia seed polysaccharide, bamboo, and agave.

In place of water, add a few sprays of our toner to your exfoliant. Your skin will be more hydrated, glowy, and balanced.


A Pump or Two of Cleanser

Use your cleanser for double-duty by cleansing and exfoliating at the same time. 

Add a pump or two of Daily Renewal Foaming Cleanser (normal / combo / all skin types), or our Nourish and Protect Cream Cleanser (normal / dry / sensitive skin types).  Both cleansers contain White Willow Bark which assists in dissolving dead skin cells for clear pores and fresh glowing skin.


A Shot of Aloe

Instead of water, add some aloe to your exfoliant. This soothing gel gives the exfoliant a unique, silky texture while the aloe itself gives your skin some much needed moisture and healthy antioxidants.

A Sprinkle of Bentonite Clay

Once it’s been hydrated, bentonite clay has a negative electrical charge that gives it the capacity to bind to and absorb positively charged toxins.

Mixing your exfoliant with some bentonite clay gives you the benefits of an exfoliant while the clay detoxifies your skin. You can follow up with a bentonite clay mask to take things a step further.

Mix with a Mask

We have two masks, one for clarifying and one for hydrating. To exfoliate and treat all in one, mix your mask with a small amount of exfoliant. Apply as usual and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. As you remove the mask you’ll be exfoliating your skin at the same time.


Which Clay is Right For Your Skin Type?


Sarah Price is a green beauty writer with an obsession with holistic skincare. She writes about natural beauty and more on her self titled blog.


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